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The Personnel People celebrated 30 years of recruitment excellence in 2017

The Personnel People can offer your business cost effective recruitment solutions throughout Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk.

When selecting your staff, you will of course, want to ensure that they are suited to your requirements and as labour costs are the highest single expenditure of any organisation, getting the right person when recruiting is essential. This is where The Personnel People can be of purpose and value to your recruitment process. Having assessed the nature of the assignment and the skills required, the most suitable staff are then selected specifically for your recruitment needs.

Our service is designed to meet the demands required in the ever changing business environment and to save you time and money whilst ensuring your company remains as efficient and profitable throughout the use of our staff. 

The need for recruiting extra staff maybe due to:

a)               Seasonal demand, and peak periods

b)               The introduction of new technology and automation

c)               Staff absence due to holidays or sickness

d)               Increase of business/orders requiring further staff

                   for a short period only

Our charge rate for recruiting temporary staff is negotiated individually depending on the number of staff required, hours of work and duties involved.  Our permanent terms for recruiting are also highly competitive & cost effective.

From the beginning a full support service is offered, we liaise regularly with our clients throughout the duration of a temporary assignment to ensure the contract is progressing smoothly.

Whatever the reason, be it long or short term, The Personnel People can recruit and supply you with the staff you need throughout Norfolk & Suffolk for your business recruitment needs.

The Personnel People celebrated 30 years of recruitment excellence in 2017