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Top CV Tips

8th Jan 2019

CV’s are an important first impression on a potential employer. Below are six tips that we think, here at The Personnel People are great ways of showing you’re the right candidate for the position.

Hopefully this will get you started in your job search and potentially a foot in the door with your future employer.

  • Keep it Simple – It can be an easy mistake to make, a lot of people think that we need a lengthy description of the exact work you’ve been doing, and this can sometimes lead to repeating yourself or “waffling on”.
  • Check and Check Again – Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Make sure its spot on, this not only portrays you as a professional individual but shows that you’ve taken time and effort to make sure it’s right.
  • Make Sure its Up-To-Date – List your previous employment in chronological order, with the most recent first. Check the employment dates read true and if there are any gaps in your employment history include details as to why.
  • Avoid Generic CV’s – If you are applying for a specific role tailor your CV to meet the job description. Keep it relevant to the work you are looking for. This can help to keep your CV concise. Which leads us on to the next tip.
  • Stick to Two Pages – You can still include everything you need to whilst sticking to this unwritten rule. This ensures that the “waffle” is cut out and you’re just getting across the information we really need to know.
  • Stand Out – This is the last and potentially most challenging step. How do you make yourself stand out against all the other people applying? The first step is writing a good CV. Follow the tips above and make it your own. If you’ve got a unique hobby, or experience, tell us but try and link this to a relevant situation in the workplace. Another way of standing out is bullet pointing your specific skills. If you’re amazing at Sales, list it at the top so we can see straight away what your strengths are.