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Norwich's Potential Public Transport Improvements

16th Jan 2019

'Wish list to get better transport in and around Norwich to be revealed!'

Are you relying on public transport to get to and from work? If you are, your commute could be improving soon – Norwich is one of 10 cities that is looking to secure funding from the Transforming Cities Government Scheme. Chris Grayling, Norwich’s Transport Secretary says they have made a “strong start” in their plans outlining why Norwich should be part of this. Although nothing has been set in stone, it has been suggested that if successful, Norwich’s predominant focus should be on revamping and upgrading bus routes. The bid includes connecting Norwich Airport to Broadland Business Park, Wymondham to Sprowston and Easton to Rackheath. This would make a huge difference in the ability to access different areas of Norwich and for those without transport, would improve job opportunities greatly. This month we will see the council reveal their plan they intend to enter for the first phase of funding. All will be revealed soon. Let us know your thoughts on how public transport could be improved in Norwich…

Eastern Daily Press – 03/01/2019