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How has Social Media changed the way we Recruit?

15th Feb 2019

Social Media is not necessarily a new innovation anymore; however, it is constantly adapting and being used in new ways. Many companies are taking advantage of this but do candidates need to be actively using social media as a way of putting themselves on the market for job roles?

LinkedIn has been a predominant player in online recruitment since it was founded in 2002. It’s specifically designed for professionals to create a profile where they can connect with other individuals and companies. More recently other social media platforms such as, Facebook and Twitter are being used for recruiting.

Many companies, including us, have social media pages set up to advertise roles they are recruiting for. It can be the quickest way to see current vacancies, and ensure you are one of the first candidates to apply for a role. Facebook has the option for you to speak to us directly about roles. Effectively, social media has opened another channel of communication for candidates and employers to speak to each other in real time. Online applications can speed up the hiring time, which means you could be in work quicker.

As well as companies having social media profiles, lots of candidates do too. Employers may look at public profiles before hiring someone. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you are presenting yourself in a way that you would not mind a potential employer seeing. Recruiters can appreciate that people have a life outside of work and it’s not about appearing as though you’re all about the work life. However, it is probably best to leave the wild Saturday night photos off your profile. Furthermore, you can use your profile to let recruiters know you’re available for work. You can follow relevant pages and see the vacancies they are advertising for and notify the company if you are interested in the role.

Recruiting via social media can be cost effective. As a company it can be advantageous to use a recruitment agency for several reasons. If you use The Personnel People to recruit for your staffing requirements, we have social media pages with a large following to advertise your vacancy through. This can help with hiring the right employee and doing it quickly. Social media is also more cost effective than some of the more traditional recruitment methods, such as TV Adverts and is just as effective.

Lastly social media is a useful tool for recruiters if it’s used effectively. As a company its possible to view how people are responding to your posts. Facebook shows you the “insights” of each individual post including information about how many people your post has reached. This is useful as it shows what works well and what needs improving.